Travel Guide

The Everest Region Trek offers a life time experience for no doubt. You see amazing mountains and also learn a whole lot about the lifestyle in the Himalayas. The journey has plenty of finding out as well as experience. Below are several of the major attractions of the Everest Region.

Flight to Lukla

Lukla flight terminal is located at the altitude of 2,860 meters. It is just one of the highest possible airports in the world. The tiny runway and the air route to this airport make the flight experience stressful. The aerial views of the Himalayas throughout the flight are amazing as well.

Sagarmatha National Park

The Mt. Everest trekking route passes through the Sagarmatha National park forest. The park begins from Monjo onwards as well as increases to Everest. The Sagarmatha National Park has a diverse climate that ranges from subtropical to the towering zone.

The park has numerous forests, rivers, falls, chasms, marines, lakes, as well as whatnot. On the route to EBC, you find most of these natural wonders. Also, the vegetation and animals are abundant. Residence to numerous species of birds, wild animals, and plants, the trail is extremely enriching.

Everest View Hotel

Everest View Hotel is a luxury lodge hotel situated ath the high altitude. At 3,880 meters, this hotel is just one of the highest luxury resorts worldwide as well as also holds the document in the Guinness Globe Record Publication. The modern contemporary style of the resort amidst the giant hills and also environment-friendly hills resembles heaven.

One of the most distinct thing about this world is you can see the view of Mt. Everest and also various other mountains from all of its windows. Throughout our acclimatization day in Namche, we hike to Hotel Everest view to delight in the hill view.

The Sherpa culture, Museum and also ancient monasteries

What makes hiking in the Everest area much more compelling is the locals and also their practices. A lot of the residents below are fans of Buddhism or Tibetan Buddhism. The trekking route offers a glance of the cultural richness of the area. You’ll find numerous abbeys, stupas, Chortens, petition wheels, as well as prayer flags while strolling.

Not only that, we check out a few of the substantial abbeys as well heading to EBC. For instance, the Tengboche monastery is the largest monastery in the Khumbu area that we reach check out in Tengboche town. Also, Khumjung as well as Pangboche are a couple of other monasteries that we are more likely to check out.


The well-known Sherpa community and the vacationer center of the Khumbu region, Namche Exposition, lies at 3,440 m. This is the most industrialized community in the Himalayas with modern facilities like Wi-fi, ATM lounge, excellent network, luxury lodges, keepsake shops, gear shops, coffee shops, as well as a wide variety of food accessibility.

The town is residence to famous Sherpas and people of other neighborhoods. During Everest base camp Trek, we invest a number of evenings in Namche Mart. It’s our acclimatization point. The town has multiple trekking paths and also a museum.

Leave the lush environment-friendly hillsides and also verdant rhododendron woodlands and also get in the alpine zone.

The lower part of the Everest base camp hiking route (approximately Dingboche) mainly travels through lavish woodlands of fir, want, rhododendron, juniper, and so on. The hills are covered with woodlands. There are charming streams and falls.

From Dingboche village onwards, you leave the treeline behind and stroll along with shrubs as well as terraced areas. As the altitude has actually gone above 4,000 meters at this moment, you can see the modification in landscape as well as really feel the atmospheric pressure.

The course quickly becomes boulders as well as rocks. You pass by canyons and also stroll along the side moraine of the Khumbu glacier. There are frozen streams and also chasms in the top part of the path.

The hill sights and also diverse landscapes

We have actually already talked about how enthralling the views are throughout the Everest base camp trekking. Still, we can not miss it in the major tourist attraction part. The Everest base camp trek journey is daring as well as frustrating for sure. Nevertheless, strolling amidst huge hills and also hills will proffer peace to your soul.

Setting of transport during the Trekking

Throughout the trek, a 35 mins flight will take you in/out of Lukla. Similarly, there will be a personal lorry during the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and for pickup/drop at the airport as per the schedule.

Electrical Power and Charging Facilities

You will obtain electrical power and also billing centers in the majority of the towns together with the Everest Base Camp Trek route. Some areas might charge you a few extra bucks for charging centers. We encourage you not to totally count on billing and carry back-up batteries or a solar battery charger.

Sim Card as well as Wi-fi

A lot of the lodges along the way in the lower altitude offer WiFi in exchange for a couple of extra dollars. The connection may not be secure at all times because of altitude and also climate. You can additionally obtain a Nepali SIM card and information in Thamel to use on the way.

Travel luggage

Knapsack will certainly be our primary baggage during the expedition. All the heavy apparel as well as equipment obtain packed in the duffle bags. You will certainly be lugging a day pack, where you can place your digital gadgets, basics, canteen, money, documents, etc. We will leave extra traveling bags as well as clothes in the hotel’s storage locker room free throughout the travelling duration.

Child policy

There are many situations when minors or children listed below 10 have actually trekked to Everest Base Camp with us under the assistance of a recognized guardian. Depending upon the health, modification degree, and toughness of the kid, they may or might refrain Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days. For additional information regarding our child policy, contact us anytime.

Tipping to staff participants

At the end of the journey, it is a society to tip the crew participants, as well as the group leader will aid you with that said. Although it is up to your dream to tip or not, we do advise tipping if you like the solution of the staff members throughout the trip. The tipping can range from USD 20 for tour guides to USD 150 for hiking overviews that they show porters. And also you can provide USD 10 to the chauffeur.

Personal Expenses

All the extra expenditures, including cost consist of, are not contributed to the Everest Base Camp Trip package price. Points like shopping, beverages, extra breakfast, and also suppers out of the supplied plan have to be covered by the trekkers themselves.

 Insurance policy, Rescue, Discharge

With traveling insurance, you will be secure in an emergency. Khumbu area does not have large healthcare facilities to give essential health care services. Consequently in mishaps, you may need to air evacuate to the health center in Kathmandu. Your traveling insurance should cover clinical expenses and air emptying. Similarly, you can additionally add flight cancellation or loss/theft of personal property.

With our trained and also skilled overviews, the opportunities of miss-happening are really low. Even if anything goes wrong, our team has first-hand experience to take on any scenario in the Mountain ranges.

The landscapes are breathtaking. You’ll get to unwind your ideas as the stunning hills unfold themselves one at a time in front of you. The remoteness of the area and the picturesque towns will make you feel at home. Everest base camp trek is an enchanting venture.