Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to enter Nepal?

Nepal can be entered by two different ways,

Via air: If you want to enter Nepal by air then you have to take a flight to Nepal and it will land in Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport in Nepal.

By Street: There are a few paths from where you can enter Nepal. There are two ways from Nepal to India and from China, Tibet to Nepal.

Kodari, Kakarvita, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi, Mahendranagar

You can easily get some land vehicles which may take 10-12 hours to reach Nepal. Take the tourist bus rather than other vehicles because the tourist bus will be more comfortable than others.


2. What is Nepal known for?

Nepal is famous for trekking in high mountains, pilgrims, sightseeing, jungle safari etc. There are many kinds of activities can be done in Nepal such as climb the mountains, hike the hills, explore the ethnic group villages, have delicious food and many more.

Tourist visit to do jungle safari, and also climbers came to visit Nepal for Everest climbing and other mountain climbing.


3. Is the nation politically sheltered and stable?

As per we know Nepal is a developing country so there may be some kind of political issues every time. But in the present condition, there is a good political environment so you won’t face any political problems.


4. Do I require travel protection?

Yes, you need travel protection or you can say travel insurance. Travel insurance will help you when needed. If you suddenly need to cancel the flight or tour then it will overcome your payments.


5. What will I need to bring while at the same time trekking in Nepal?

You may require Down Coat, warm downy coat, warm clothing, trekking jeans and shorts, resting pack, trekking boots and a knapsack, a camera, and your own drug. Counsel arrangements of fabric and hardware on our site as a guide and utilize sound judgment to pack enough however not all that much in the meantime.


6. How would I get some answers concerning the visa necessities for the excursion I am keen on?

About visa, you can consult with your respective embassy near you or you can also view our visa permit page. If you are still confused about it then contact us we will make you clear about a required visa.


7. How would I get my Visa?

It would be good if you contact the significant embassy or the immigration office for information and visa.


8. Do you help with Visas?

Mountain Treks Nepal don’t have rights to provide you visa directly, yet you can do this through the government office or with the help of a movement operator.


9. Does your organization help to arrange residential flight, global flight, in appointments, and different administrations?

We can deal with every single residential flight, lodging appointments, and different administrations. Be that as it may, we recommend you global flights from your nation of origin, yet we can give help.


10. Would I be able to trek in the Himalayas regardless of whether I haven’t done any trekking previously?

Completely, it’s an extraordinary place to begin. As an aspect of our responsibilities, the most imperative things we do is learn your experience and desire; and also discover the trek to best match these. However, hard or simple you’d like it; anyway much or little experience you have, we have the ideal trek for you.


11. What to wear in Nepal?

Nepal has an extensive variety of atmospheres in this manner both light and warm clothing in casual and mild styles. In the mountain zones, a warm woolen cloth is essential while at lower elevation(Terai) cotton dress is perfect. Bring any stuff and you will dependably be wearing to your solace. During the off chance that you missed any of your garments, don’t stress you can purchase Nepalese pieces of clothing.


12. How to remain healthy when trekking in Nepal?

Before coming to Nepal, take a couple of antibody for basic sicknesses like Japanese encephalitis. When in Nepal, eat altogether cooked nourishment. Drink just the brand of filtered water, While in a trek our organization will provide drinking water.

Soda pops like Coke, Pepsi is fine to drink. Keep away from Quick sustenances and plates of mixed greens. On the off chance that you are intending to go middle the time of June to September you may get by Cholera.

However, this won’t be a major issue in the event that you will pursue our recommendation like not drinking stain water like hydrant water and maintaining a strategic distance from uncooked nourishment.

Wear a cover (if conceivable) when strolling in the dusty and dirtied boulevards, particularly amid the mid-year season in Nepal it very well may be hard to stroll in the lanes.

Numerous private centers and clinics are open amid the day. Medication stores close to the doctor’s facility areas are open 24 hours. Obviously, alternate standards apply; a) Quit smoking! b) Drink less.


13. Would I be able to have vegetarian dinners in the mountain (outdoors and tea house trekking)?

In case you’re doing outdoors trek we offer standard dinners and in addition a vegetarian food alternative. Simply let us know whether you need vegetarian dinners when you book your trek.

Be that as it may, we can’t satisfy each trekker requirement(i.e., dietary necessities or extraordinary dinners ). Likewise tea house trekking you will get vegetarian food. If it’s not too much trouble regarding your trekking guide about points of interest of your sustenance hypersensitivity.


14. Would I be able to trek in the Himalayas regardless of whether I haven’t done any trekking previously?

It’s an incredible place to begin. As an aspect of our responsibilities, the most critical things we do is determine your experience and desire and also discover the trek to best match these. Anyway hard or simple you’d like it, anyway much or little experience you have, we have the ideal trek for you.


15. Is Nepal safe? Is a lady traveler alone safe with your organization?

Yes, Nepal is ok for women traveler. Nepal is considered as one of the peaceful nations on the planet (odds are it’s more secure here than your nation of origin). Also, while you’re on one of our excursions, we assume individual duty for your prosperity, an obligation we submit genuinely.


16. Should I bring my own medication?

It would be good if you consult with your specialist(doctor) and get his/her recommendation. In any case, in the event that you are taking specific drugs, it is best to carry them with you.


17. To what extent will we walk on a normal day’s trekking?

Every day you can predict that 5-7 hours walking covering 10 to 14 km. It may, over 3500m, at that moment you’ll just cover 8 to 9 km. Critically, every one of our schedules is adaptable and can be changed by climate, geological and physical state of the individual member.


18. What sort of comfort in Kathmandu you will give?

On your arrival day, we came to pick you and leave you at your hotel and we will provide you with the best hotel with the best service. Except this, if you need a private vehicle or you are in a group then our tourist bus will take you to your destination place. And if you want to go Pokhara by bus or by air then at that time also we will organize your bus or flight.


19. For travelers, what is there to purchase in Nepal to reclaim home?

Nepal is outstanding for its artwork materials, pashmina, Nepalese art, and specialty, and Nepali melodic instruments like Madal and Bansuri are the things to buy. Besides, Nepali floor coverings are the best known among the vacationer clients. What’s more, the best place to shop these merchandise is around the Thamel zone.


20. What amount of cash would it be advisable for me to bring for the trek?

On the trek, we give all settlement, nourishment and we cover stop expenses, so you have to take the just little measure of cash to buy water, little snack and tea outside dinners, local souvenirs, tips or gifts to cloisters in the event that you wish to give little change. $20 every day ought to be adequate to cover such costs.


21. What is the best season to trek in Nepal?

The best time for a trek in Nepal in September to December. Although, all seasons are perfect to visit Nepal except Monsoon season. Except this, you can visit Nepal according to your activity like trekking, climbing, tour, bird watching and many more.

22. How to pay for your trip?

  1. Online payment using your credit card

For all activities like trekking, tours, mountain flights, helicopter tours, and other services, you can pay online with a highly secure level of SSL. You can send 30 percent of the total cost amount to make a booking, and for confirmation of the trip and the rest of the amount, you can pay in cash upon arrival.

You can use our online payment link for related packages and services on our site, Just an easy, safe, and instant online payment method for all your Nepal trips.


We will send you the personalized payment link from our official email address, or

  1. Payment via bank wire or SWIFT transfer

Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD)

Account Name: Mountain Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Account No.: 13201100000703
Name of the bank:  Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Post code: 44600

Address/Street: Thamel, Kathmandu

Contact number: +9779849715753


Note: If you want to pay via bank wire or Swift transfer, you have to pay the extra bank charge; however, we will settle the final credited amount.

  1. Payment via MoneyGram, Western Union, or their remittances

If you choose Money Gram, Western Union, or remittances for the payment method, please transfers money to the following receiver in Nepal: Money Gram is cheaper and easier.

First name: Bharat
Last name: Simkhada
Address: Gorkha, Nepal
City: Gorkha
Country: Nepal