Nepal Mountain Flight

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Nepal Mountain Flight


Nepal Mountain Flight is suitable for those who are restricted by time from going trekking but wants to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas and much easier to see the peaks.

As the journey starts, passengers don’t have to wait too long to view the spectacular mountains. First to their far left passenger can see Gosaithan (Shisha Pangma) at the height of 8,013 m and to the right of Gosaithan, come into sight Dorje Lakpa at the height of 6,966 m, this mountain looks like the number 8 lying down and covered with snow. To the right of Dorje Lakpa is Phurbi-Ghyachu, which comes into view over the Kathmandu valley.

As the plane moves ahead, the mountains come closer and closer. Next on the sight is Choba-Bhamare. It is the smallest one of the lot at 5,933 m but particularly stubborn as it has never been climbed. Then appears the mountain Gauri Shankar, which is not only fantastic insight but also spiritually appealing. Lord Shiva and his companion Gauri are said to protect this mountain. It is at the height of 7,134 m.

As the plane moves towards the eastern Himalaya a sequence of glorious mountain follows. Melungtse, Chugimago at 6297 m is a pristine mountain, waiting to be climbed, Number Mountain at 6,956 m. Next is Karyolung, a white mountain at 6,511m. Cho-Oyu at the height of 8,201 m (the eighth highest mountain in the world), it appears stunningly beautiful from the aircraft.

Next on the list is Gyanchungakang, at a majestic height of 7,952 m. which is considered extremely difficult for climbing. To the right of Gyanchungkang is Pumori at 7,161 m. As the passengers get closer to Everest, there is Nuptse at 7,855 m. And finally, there is Mt. Everest at the height of 8,848 m (the highest spot on earth).

Nothing compares to the absolute beauty, the Himalayas has to offer. Nepal Mountain Flight will be the great experience and memorable in the lifetime.

Trip Highlights


  • Fly over the highest mountain in the world with its interesting environment for an hour
  • Feel the feeling of flying over the plateaus
  • Excellent view of tallest Himalayas Everest 8,848 m, 29020 ft, Shisa Pangma 8,013 m,26289 ft, Makalu 8,481 m, 27,825 ft, Lhotse 8,516 m, 27939 ft, Cho Oyu 8201m, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 m, Gauri Shankar 7,134m, Menlungtse 7,023m, Numbur 6956 m, Karyolung 6511m, Gyachungkang 7952m, Pumori 7,161m, Nuptse 7855m.
  • Sweeping scenic flight to enchantment in the comfort of spacious seated air-plane.
  • Breathtaking moments to experience with alluring scenery of country’s landscapes
  • Views with exciting thrills covering more than 360° wide-angle series of peaks
  • life-time Experience 


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    12 Responses to Nepal Mountain Flight

    • Martin

      Mt. Everest flight

      Soar above the clouds and witness the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas with Mountain Treks Nepal’s incredible mountain flight experience! A huge thank you to Mr. Bharat and the entire team for making this an unforgettable journey

    • Louice

      “Soaring above the Himalayas with Mountain Treks Nepal’s Mountain Flight tour was an experience etched forever in my memory. Witnessing Everest up close, along with the other magnificent peaks, was truly breathtaking. The entire tour, from the early morning pick-up to the comfortable flight with a guaranteed window seat, was flawlessly managed by the Mountain Treks Nepal team. Their professionalism and friendly demeanor made the whole journey even more enjoyable. If you’re seeking an unforgettable way to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas, I highly recommend booking with Mountain Treks Nepal!”

    • Stefan

      Amazing Trip

      It was a wonderful trip. Women on airplanes are smart. this The person who picked us up was very nice. His perspective is amazing. not any Champagne was served at the end but everyone got a window seat. This job is very expensive Thank you Nepal Mountain Hiking and Mr. Bharat.

    • Branko

      It was prefect

      It was fabulous. Everything went as promised by Agency . They answered questions when I was booking the excursion. Highly recommend Mountain treks Nepal and Mountain flight.

    • Sidar Malone

      Magnificent View

      We took off from Kathmandu in the morning and enjoyed the beauty of Mount Everest, which you have to see to believe. The Captain took the aircraft in both direction past Everest so all passengers would get a magnificent view of the mountain. The highlight was being invited onto the flight deck to get even better views of Mount Everest. This is an unforgettable dress.
      Thank you so Much !!

    • Osman miletli

      a very enjoyable flight and an everlasting memory

      I was surprised by what happened to me. After reading some reviews I was worried that it wouldn’t be a good trip and that I wouldn’t see much but I couldn’t recommend this enough. Definitely one for the bucket list and With a glass of champagne too

    • Erich

      Mountain Flight

      This is a must when traveling to Nepal. You get to see stunning aerial views of the mountains from the comfort of your seat. The company (mountain treks nepal ) was very communicative and informative throughout the whole process. Definitely recommended!!!

    • Jessica Tay

      This was absolutely great beginning of the day, to see these wonderful views. Guys organized super comfortable trip – picked us up, guided to the airport and dropped us back. The airplane crew been very attentive to all passengers making sure we don’t miss any mountain. Must try!
      Thank you Mountain treks Nepal !

    • Bane simic

      This mountain will teach you a lots of great lessons in life, and one of them is that when you see the peak, it doesn’t mean that you will always climb higher, as sometimes the mountain will force you to go down many time to reach high levels, and this life as you sometimes go down to go up and high.
      Thank you so much Guys !

    • Antonio

      magnificent view

      Great trip and nice to have hotel pickup and drop off. Great views of Himalayas and also the Yeti Airline staff were very informative of what we were viewing so shout-out to them as well.

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