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Lukla Airport, Gateway of Mt. Everest

Lukla is a tiny town located at the foot of Mount Everest has one of the most hazardous airports in the world. The famous Lukla Airport, Lukla has many fascinating facts and interesting stories that distinguish it from other airports around the world. The trek route that leads to Everest Base Camp starts from Lukla. So. it’s the entry point that leads to the top in Everest, Gokyo Ri Lake as well as Namche Bazar, the landmark Namche Bazar and the list goes on and on.

Lukla Airport is also called the Tenzing-Hillary Airport and is the entry point to Mount Everest. In fact, Lukla Airport was named Tenzing-Hillary Airport in 2008 in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The first two people confirmed to have walked on the the summit of Mount Everest. They also made a enormous effort in the construction of this airport.

Additionally, without a uncertainty, Lukla airport is an extremely tiny and crowded airport, which is why it is often referred to as the most dangerous airport.

Facts about Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport lies in between mountains. In addition, what makes the airport known as “the most dangerous airport in the world” is its location. It is situated on the slope of the mountains, at 9,000 feet over sea level with an extremely narrow runway. The runway made of asphalt is just 1500 feet in length and is 65 feet across with an elevation of 12 percent across the north-south divide.

What is a bit difficult with the airfield is weather. Weather conditions are the primary reason for the frequent cancellation of flights that originate from and land at Lukla.Lukla. We often be informed that flights departing from Kathmandu begin at the beginning of the morning when the skies are clear.

Yes, there have been a few incidents, but the small terminal with no electricity leaves no room for error or else landing and take-off are more risky.

landing in bad weather has often caused fatal crashes. In addition, in the event of favorable weather conditions flying, it will be thrilling and thrilling. There’s enough with breathtaking views of mountains, and diverse scenery from the Himalayas.

Some interesting facts regarding Lukla Airport

  1. Lukla Airport got its name Tenzing-Hillary Airport was named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay The two pioneers ever to walk on the top of Mount Everest. The 40-minute flight to Kathmandu will be the fastest route to Lukla with breathtaking views of the stunning mountains.
  2. In the past, before Aiport of Lukla was open The only option to get towards Lukla via Kathmandu was via road. It took almost one month (5 days) trekking between Jiri through Lukla.
  3. People from Sherpa well-known for their mountaineering abilities were active in the building of the Airport.
  4. Lukla Airport has a short runway with 527m of length. It may cause problems with the landings of aircrafts and even take-offs.
  5. You can get a 15kg baggage allowance on flights to Lukla.
  6. If you are flying between Kathmandu to Lukla take a seat on the left of the plane. Then, sit on the to return, sit on the right side to Kathmandu. You will be rewarded with breathtaking mountain views. It will certainly be an amazing flight.
  7. However, landings start from the north towards the south, and take-off begins from the south and continues to North of runway. The plane will circle the mountain before landing on an upwards-facing runway. Similar to the take-off plane, the plane will descend.
  8. The runway that is thought to be vital for the passage of traffic can also be used for pedestrians who traverse on either side of the runway.
  9. There will be at most 50 or more flights every day from Lukla Airport.
  10. The last but not least the air navigation system is not available. radar or navigation systems; there is radio communication to land and take-offs.

Is it dangerous to travel to Lukla?

After all of this, I can be able to see the only issue that comes up in your head Is it really safe flying to Lukla?

Well..! Trust me when I say it’s not at all risk. It’s true that the runway and the location of it add to the size of Lukla Airport. But destinations such as Lukla offer the ultimate experience of travel, which makes it’s worth the effort. Furthermore it’s the entry point flight for those traveling towards Everest Base Camp or Gokyo Ri.


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