Nepal Home Stay Trek

Nepal Home Stay Trek


Nepal is famous for its splendid mountains, diverse ecosystem, rich culture, and unique lifestyle. Nepal Home Stay Trek is the new concept of tourism started in Nepal. This trek in Nepal was started as the act on August 17, 2010, focusing on tourist to visit the rural areas of Nepal and to make the tourism year 2011 successful.

Homestay Trek in Nepal gives an opportunity to trekkers from around the world to stay in Nepalese family during the time of journey for a chosen trekking site. It will provide you with the chance to have your lifestyle settle as local people. It involves bed and breakfast with the typical Nepali family, eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep and wear what they wear.

The homestay trek is the perfect way to look at many of the cultural activities of the locals. If it is the right time, one will be able to experience some local traditional festivals. This way one can explore the lifestyle and cultures present in that particular society. Homestay trekking in the remote village gives you the chance to eyewitness the way of life that has remained unaffected for centuries and a close encounter with the local people and their daily tasks. This Homestay trek is cheap and unique in comparison to other trekking trips.

During the stay you will be able to feel what it is like to live the life of Nepali villager, walking with your new family while they go to their daily chores, tilling the fields will be just amazing. And at the end of your stay that overwhelming farewell your new family will give will just melt your heart and the village and people will remain in your heart forever. Trekking through the beautiful valley, waterfall, scenic view of the great Himalayas and certain day’s homestay with traditional Nepali family is the just perfect way to experience Nepal.

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