Manaslu circuit trek during the winter season

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is most popular restricted area trekking in Nepal. Most of the time we avoid our journey during the winter season because of cold weather. We stay at a cozy place and pass our days in the winter. But some peoples are there who loves to visit places during cold temperature so that they won’t be disturbed by the crowd.

Those people are trekkers mainly mountain climbers who love to visit mountains when they get time. And today’s trend is to visit the mountain during the winter season so that you can get less crowd and enjoy the views as much you want. And also you get things at a cheaper price than another season.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 7

Peoples are interested to visit Manaslu Circuit Trekking during Winter season

As per our concern Mt. Manaslu is listed in the world’s topmost mountain. Yes, it is quite difficult to climb so that solo climbing is restricted in this area. Many trekkers every year visit this place to ascent the mountain and most of them have success too. Many have failed too so we do have alike equal ratio. Manaslu circuit trekking in winter is quite challanging.

Throughout the year people like to climb this mountain but most of the time people like to climb during the spring and autumn season. During this time the weather will be so perfect and get amazing views. So that people love to visit during this time.

Beyond this, in spring and autumn, the place will be crowdy because of many trekkers. The crow will be this much that you cannot get any private space or hotels. Sometimes you have to share rooms because of crowd place and less number of hotels. This trip will be less enjoyable than you thought.

So that nowadays people are ascending this mountain during winter time because of less crowd. Fewer crowd means more place to explore and enjoy, don’t need to adjust to hotels and other.

Trekking to Manaslu in winter does not just mean less crowd but also you can get amazing picturesque views of the mountain ranges. And if you are lucky enough then you can also participate in some festivals if that falls.

Winter is becoming popular nowadays for the fewer crowd with amazing views and hospitality.

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Is it a good choice?

We may think trekking in winter OMG. Winter means cold and climbing snow mountain during this time is extreme cold; is it bearable? Can a person adjust in extreme cold? Hummmm Only superhuman can resist.

Lots of questions some are nonsense questions also. Yes, trekking during the winter season is one kind of risking thing and also a very much courageous thing to do. But if we do have the equipment and necessary kits then we can adjust in cold weather too. To trek Manaslu in winter, the person does not need to be superhuman.

Good Training and equipment are enough for this. We Mountain Treks Nepal encourage you to do all sort of things you want to do like trekking in the winter season. We provide good training before heading towards the mountain and every necessary equipment so you will be safe.

Need pre-booking for the hotel and keep up to date about the hotel because sometimes the hotels may not open during the winter season.