Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

It is extremely affordable to trek to the Everest Base Camp. Even though trekking in Nepal costs more than trekking in other countries, it is still much less expensive than trekking in Nepal. The total cost of your trek will depend on several factors:

How many days would you like to extend your trek?

  • Which season are your plans to trek? Peak season is more expensive than offseason.
  • Which type of trek do you want? All-inclusive, independent, guide-only, or all-inclusive?
  • Which route would you prefer to take?- The classic Jiri route costs less than the Lukla route.

We will attempt to provide a basic outline in this article.

Cost of guides/porters

There will be enough porters and guides to help you on your treks. You will be able to communicate with them in English since most of them speak it well. They can arrange meals and lodges for you in advance so that you don’t have to panic after a long day.

Guide-Porter’s prices vary depending on the season. Their price will be similar if they are licensed or an associate of the company. They typically charge between $30 and $40. If you choose to use local guides or porters, they will charge according to their interests. They charge between $25 and $30 per day.

In peak season, porters might charge you more for difficult trails. In case of emergency, it is a good idea to keep an extra dollar.

Permits and Costs

Two permits are required to trek in the Everest area. A TIMS card is required and a Sagarmatha National Park Permit are necessary.

Permits for Sagarmatha National Park cost $33 (Nrs 3 390). You can also enter the Khumbu area with this permit.

The price of a TIMS card will vary depending on its type.

Organized TimS card: $10

Individual TMS card: $20

SAARC country card TIMS card: $

Not required: A TIMS card is not required to trek in Everest Region. A local permit can be purchased in Everest Region for $20

Round-trip flights from Kathmandu and Lukla

Lukla is 45 minutes from Kathmandu and the gateway to the Everest Region trek. Every morning, flights depart at 6:00 AM and return at 11:00 AM. This flight costs approximately US $185. The price of this flight is the same throughout the year. Peak seasons do not affect it.

Costs of travel insurance

The Himalayas of Nepal are rugged and exciting. It can also be dangerous. Walking in high mountains can be difficult due to the weather and climate. Particularly for those with no trekking experience.

While trekking in the mountains, you never know what might happen. Travel insurance is essential for trekking in Nepal. The coverage you require will affect the cost of insurance. Your health and the activities you are involved in.

A 30-day policy of insurance costs on average $150. It covers emergencies up to 6,000m.

Trekking equipment

You should not make a decision to go trekking by accident. You need to plan your trip and have the right gear. Trekker must be careful before you pack the essentials .

Your preferences and the amount of equipment you have will affect the cost of your trekking gear. This also depends on whether you rent or buy new backpacks.

You will need to have thermal clothing and sleeping bags for trekking in the Everest area. You will also need waterproof hiking boots, trekking poles and camp shoes. If you purchase it second-hand, the cost of all this equipment is approximately US $2,000

The cost of buying a used item will be lower if you already have one.

Food and accommodation costs

Because Everest is a popular trekking area, there are plenty of hotels, lodges and tea houses to accommodate travelers. Many tea houses and lodges offer traditional Nepali cuisine. This includes Dal, Bhat Curry, Curry, and Pickle.

You will find a wide variety of food options in standard hotels. You should choose carefully what you eat at higher altitudes. Water purifiers are essential for your health.

The cost of accommodation and food varies depending on where you are and when you go. Lower lodges tend to be more affordable than those at higher elevations. You can find good accommodation and lodges for around US $25-US $30 per day.

You can spend more if you wish to up the price to Namche Bazar. You can only spend money on food and lodgings at higher altitudes.

In peak season, you might run out of rooms so you may have to share rooms. During off-seasons, however, lodges can be quite empty so you may need extra blankets.

Costs for independent trekkers

Independent treks are the most affordable. You don’t need to pay for guides or guides-porters when you go on this trek. Only accommodation, meals and drinks are included. Permits can also be purchased.

You can also reduce your flight costs if you do the classic trek from Jiri up to Everest.

This is a cost-effective way to trek, as you can do it without any restrictions and save money. For security reasons, you should travel with a group or travel guide.

Other miscellaneous expenses

Charging electronic devices

To charge your electronic devices, you will need to pay between $2-$5 for the trek route. The price of charging your electronic devices in remote areas may be higher.

You may be able to charge your devices for free even in low season, when there are fewer tourists. In peak season, they might charge you an hourly fee to charge your device.

Gratitude to porters and guides

Many tourists give tips to their porters and guides at the end of a trek. You decide how much to give them. There are no fixed rates or fees.


You can make a donation while you are visiting monasteries and shrines. There are many schools in the area where you can donate money to support the preservation of the place.

General Tips

  • ATMs may not be accessible high up in the mountains. To avoid cash problems, it is better to have extra cash in dollars and Nepali rupees.
  • Higher altitudes can be very expensive for potato chips and chocolate bars. It is better to bring these essentials with you from Kathmandu. These items are very affordable in Kathmandu.
  • In case of altitude illness, you should have some general medications. If you have difficulty walking at heights, take it slow. Rest more.

Helicopter Cost

You can opt for the helicopter option, which is $3800 (Gorakshep-to Kathmandu) if you don’t wish to return to Lukla all the way from Base Camp. For the Everest helicopter tour, you can contact us.


It is easy to trek in the Everest area. Trekking in this region is made easier by the existence of sufficient infrastructures for trekking.

This article provides a basic overview of the EBC Trek budget. This information is applicable if you opt for local accommodation and meals. If you stay in luxury hotels and indulge in delicacies, your cost will go up.

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