Manaslu Trek Weather and Temperature

Manaslu Circuit Trek is high altitude trek which is situated at Manaslu region. This trek leads you from 700 meters to 5160 meters high. For comfortable and awesome trekking, it is very necessary to know about the Manaslu Trek weather and temperature.

During your trek, you need to be fully prepared because the weather in this region is unpredictable. Taking information on Manaslu Trek weather and Temperature will make you to decide when to trek in this region. This may includes choosing the right condition, seasons, packing lists, and safety measures.

Like the rest of Nepal, there are four seasons. i.e, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season consists of three months. To provide you a better idea we have described the different seasons and its weather conditions.

Different Seasons in Manaslu Region

Basically, there are four seasons in Nepal- Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. There is no difference in the seasons in the Manaslu region. However, there are different climatic zone so that weather condition is different according to seasons in the Manaslu region. And also Manaslu Circuit Trek weather and temperature are unpredictable.

So let us look at the condition of weather in different seasons in the Manaslu region. This will provide clear information on how the weather varies in different seasons. That way, you will be clear and can decide in which season should you visit this region. Let us begin,

Autumn Season

The Autumn season consists of three different months- September, October, and November. This season is an all-time favorite for trekking in Nepal. Basically, most of the tourists prefer this season to explore Nepal. During autumn, you can see the magnificent view of Himalayas, awesome hills, green forests, glaciers, landscapes, and so on. The trekking trails are fantastic and completely dried after the rainfall in summer.

Autumn is also known as the wettest season among all. Rainfalls can be seen in the earlier days of September. But after 1 week, you can observe a clear and glorious view. The temperature during this season is moderate neither too cold nor too hot. The skies are clear and the field is full of trekkers. This season is the best season for active trekkers.

During this season, all Nepal is engaged in the greatest festivals of Nepali people, Dashain and Tihar. Though it is the season of many festivals, trails in this region are crowed and might be difficult to find Tea House and Lodges. Enjoying the trek this season is fantastic. There is a zero percent risk during this month. As a result, This is the best season to explore the Manaslu region.

Spring Season

Spring season consists of three different months- March, April, and May. Spring is also the best season for trekking in this region. This season is best for those who want to experience the best of the tranquility as well as the scenery of the trail. Considered as one of the best seasons for trekking, there is less chance of avalanches, landslides, and other climatic hazards.

In summer, March is the coolest month. As the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot during this month. Vegetation and flora around this region start to blow. During this season, you can observe the national flower of Nepal- Rhododendron. Forests full of red Rhododendron looks amazing.

With the easy-going climate, temperature and weather seem cools and it is the best time for the mountaineer. Tea House and Lodges during this season is full. There might be less chance of getting rooms during this season. The trails are crowded due to favorable temperatures and weather. Among all, Spring is the best season to trek in the Manaslu region.

Summer Season

Summer is the hottest season and might be unfavorable for trekking. Summer consists of three months- June, July, and August. The clearest, most pristine, and sparkling views of landscapes and mountains fare, green forests can be observed during this season. With delightful changes, monsoon makes the lush forests green.

During this season, with heavy rainfall, the trails seem slippery and muddy. Trekkers might get in trouble due to unfavorable weather and temperature, slippery and muddy roads. The presence of various bugs and leeches can also be seen during this season.

The heat and rainfall hit randomly in during Summer. Natural Calamities like Flood, Landslide, Avalanches might occur. While trekking in Summer, Trekkers should be careful during their trip to the Manaslu region. During summer, it is a lot challenging and adventurous. So that prepares yourself with proper gadgets and equipment that you would need during the trek in the Manaslu region.

Winter Season

Winter season consists of different three months- December, January, and February. Winter is the best season for those travelers who came to Nepal for Photography. The skies are clear, mountains with an amazing view, lush forests, Flora, and faunas can be seen during this season. Though it is too cold in winter, some of the trekkers choose this season to explore Nepal.

Crossing the Larkya La Pass, the highest point of Manaslu trek is one of the difficult tasks you will do during your trek. Though the weather is clear, a strong force of air will make your problem during your trek. During the day, the temperature remains 6-8 degrees Celsius but at night temperature falls up to -15 degrees Celsius.

Yet, you can enjoy the awesome view from the top. Accommodation and Food might be the problem for trekkers during this season. Most of the tea house remains close during this season. Local people from this region migrate to the lower region due to cold temperatures. Be sure to carry some snacks and drinks during your trip at a higher altitude. Else, some of the trekkers visit this place and camp in a suitable place. This region is also famous for camping. If you are camping during this season then carry essential equipment which is necessary. So, this season is not suitable for trekking in this region.

Highlights of Manaslu Trek

  • Eighth highest mountain in the world- Mount Manaslu
  • More than 10 peaks can be seen
  • Home of endangered animals like Snow leopard and red pandas
  • Home of more than 150 birds and insects.
  • Highest pass in this region- Larkya La Pass
  • Rich in culture and ethnic group

Some Points to Remember during Manaslu Trek

  • Above 4000 meters, the weather is unpredictable so that there might be rainfall at any time during off seasons.
  • Above 4000 meters, due to bad weather it is cold throughout the year.
  • Spring and Autumn is the best trekking season for the beginners to have trek in this season.
  • Winter and Autumn is for those trekkers who are very seek for adventure and professional at trekking during off season.
  • Some people travels for photographs so that winter is the best time for photographs though heavy snowfalls occurs.
  • Manaslu Trek weather and Temperature also  determines about the packing lists or essential equipment for trekking.

Final Say,

Manaslu circuit trek offers you the opportunity for authentic and wild trekking experience. It also provide you the experience to trek through off-the-beaten-path. This trek leads you to the remote villages of Nepal which includes lush forests, valleys, lifestyle of local peoples, mountain views, waterfalls, landscapes and so on. Be sure to travel Manaslu region in proper weather and temperature. Weather in this region is unpredictable so that it might change even in some hours.

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