Manaslu Trek Packing List

Packing for the Manaslu trek is not as easy as you think. You have got experience of hiking through a different change in weather and temperature from 600 m at Soti Khola, to 5,179 m over the Larke Pass. You need to plan before you start your journey. If not, then it will be very difficult to pack and you will pack unnecessary things instead of necessary things.

Most of the trekkers are complaining about the unnecessary things that they had packed. So, how great would be it if they knew what they should pack for their trekking?

So, for this, we have prepared the Manaslu Trek Packing List for making our guests easier.

Tips to pack for Manaslu Region

You can buy/rent gears in Kathmandu

It is the best way to rent or buy trekking necessities like down jackets, tents, backpacks, shoes, and many other necessary types of equipment. Sherpa Adventure, KAEMP 8848, Sonam, and Raiko are the best brands for trekking. You can get such equipment from Thamel or the factory in Baneshwor.

Leave items in the hotel

Sometimes, there might be some unnecessary items that are not used in trekking. So, in such a case it is better to leave things in that hotel where you are staying. Leaving such things in the hotel has less chance of loss. Manaslu Trek is circuit trek so it is not possible to leave in the middle of the roads excepting to take it back while returning.

Better leaving every unnecessary stuff in Kathmandu Hotel.

Complete packing list for Manaslu Region

Sun Protection

In Nepal, the days are usually sunny all around the year. Many people use sunglasses while hiking in the mountain region. Take it, you won’t regret it.


The sun rays are extreme at higher altitudes. Especially, if there is snowfall then sunglasses is very necessary. If it reflects in your eyes then it might make you blind.


Same as sunglasses, you need to protect your face and neck from UV rays. If not, you might damage your skin and loss of hair too.


When the snow reflects your face, there might be sunburn. So while in trekking is necessary to use and apply daily for better protection.


Warm Hat

The temperature at higher altitudes is extremely cold during the night. So, you need to wear a warm hat while sleeping at night. Heat retention is highly recommended by many trekkers.


Buff is used to making your neck warm and prevent lips. It helps to protect you from sun, wind, dust, and bugs too.



Hiking for a long period makes your body full of sweat so that you have to take a bath every day. So, it is important to carry extra underwear with you. It is better to use moisture-wicking material like Merino wool or nylon.

Sports Bra

For ladies, you need to feel comfortable with bra while hiking for a long day. These help you to keep your moisture and dry throughout the journey. Make sure to carry a couple of sports bra for trekking in Manaslu region.


Base Layer is mostly used in the higher altitude of this region. This helps you to select the moisture-wicking which is closest to your body. Make sure to carry a warm and comfortable base layer with you.

Trekking shirt

Trekking shirt is used to make you fresh and drying of sweat while hiking. Remember to pack at least 4 trekking shirts with you.

Fleece Jacket

The fleece jacket provides warmth to your body. It acts as insulation and it does not make you feel cold at a higher altitude too.

Outer Jacket

Outer Jacket is used as windproof jackets. This jacket is mostly preferable while you are hiking at a higher altitude. It helps you to keep safe from strong wind.

Rain jacket

If you are planning to trek in Monsoon then it is necessary to carry a rain jacket with you. Along with rain jacket, make sure to carry backpack cover as well which will be beneficial for you.

Trekking trousers and shorts

In most of the places in the lower region, you might feel hot so wearing shorts is the best option to avoid hot and trouser at higher altitudes.

Mensuration pad or tampons

For ladies, mensuration pad or tampons is necessary so it is better to carry from Kathmandu. You will not get these things at a higher altitude.


Inner Gloves

Inner gloves help to do minute works. It works as a base layer that is worn under the insulating gloves. It helps to protect your finger.

Outer Gloves

Outer gloves are used to protect your fingers from snow, cold, and wind. Wearing waterproof outer gloves is very necessary while hiking in higher altitudes.


Hiking socks

Hiking socks can be used while hiking for a long period. Make sure to use moisture-wicking material while hiking in this region. It helps to keep your leg toasty.

Thermal socks

After a long walk, you just want to change your socks to avoid bad smell so thermal socks are used while sleeping at night. Nights are usually cold so it makes your leg warm.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are the most important thing that you need to have with you. These boots are used while hiking for a long period. These boots should be waterproof and comfortable for walking.

Trainers or trekking sandals

After 6-7 hours of continuous walking, you require trainers or sandals for walking around an area. If you use trainers then always wear warm socks underneath.


Duffle bag

Duffle bag looks smaller in size but more number of necessary equipment can be kept in this bag. This bag is easy to pack and unpack. Also, porters are using this bag in most of the cases.


If you are an independent trekker then this is the best option for a backpack while hiking in the Manaslu area.


If you are hiring a porter then a daypack bag is the best option for you. You can carry this bag while trekking in Manaslu region. You can keep some of the necessary things like water bottles or hydration bladder, camera, mobile, passport, and wallet.

Sleeping accessories

Sleeping Bag

If you are planning to have a camping trek in the Manaslu region then taking a sleeping bag is the best option for you. Though in case of not getting room sleeping bags are used for sleeping.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Bag Liner is used while sleeping in a sleeping bag. It is kept inside the sleeping bag which provides warmth to your body. And also it helps to keep your sleeping bag clean.


Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are very much essential equipment for trekking in any part of Nepal. It helps to avoid more pain in Knee while descending. Always get foldable trekking poles with you.


A headlamp is also an important thing for trekking in Nepal. It is easy to use and doesn’t need an extra hand for carrying. It is used while hiking early in the morning or late evening. It is very helpful during your trek.


Microspikes are used while walking on the ice or snow. It has small spikes that help you to walk freely on ice or snow. They are light and perfect for light packers.

Water bottle or Hydration Bladder

To be hydrated while trekking in a higher region is very necessary. There might be a risk of altitude sickness so always drink plenty of water. Make sure to carry a water bottle or hydration bladder to avoid altitude sickness.



Needless to say, observing an awesome view of Himalayas through our eye we also can capture the amazing view from the viewpoint. If you want to carry a camera for capturing the video of mountain vistas then it is great.

Portable/Solar Charger

While carrying the electronics like a camera and mobile, you just need to charge with you. Due to cold weather, your body may get damaged so that it is better to carry a portable charger.


You will have plenty of time spent in Tea House observing the amazing view of mountains. While spending a lot of time in Tea House, you can spend your time reading books.

Other necessities


While traveling for a long period your money and passport may be lost in the way so it is very necessary to keep safe. Make sure to have a copy of the passport, insurance, bookings, tickets, and so on.


Before traveling any particular place make sure to have insurance. Having insurance before travel is very important. Sometimes, there might be an emergency so that you require Helicopter rescue in that case you will be helped by an insurance company. Make sure that insurance covers the helicopter rescue and the elevation of 5167 meters.

Quick-drying towels

Walking a long time for the trekking trails you face might be full of sweat. In such a condition, you can use quick-drying towels for removing sweat from your body. Always carry light and quick-drying towels.


First aid kit

First aid kit is a very necessary thing that should be carried while trekking in Nepal. It is very important in case of any emergencies. In Nepal, you don’t need any prescription to buy medicines. So, you can buy medicines and other necessary kits which can be used in trekking.

Water purification tablets or Lifestraw

As we have mentioned above, do not dare to buy a mineral bottle while you are in higher altitude. You can carry your water bottle or hydration bladder with you. Always use water purifier tablets, drops, or use a life staw for drinking pure water while you are on trekking trails. A water purification tablet is available in every medical shop in Nepal.

Isotonic Powder

The Isotonic Powder is used to provide energy from the workout. It helps you to absorb water. Add some amount of powder in water and drink. It will provide relief to your body.

Wet wipes and tissues

Make sure to carry tissue paper from the lower region of Nepal. There is no chance of getting tissue paper in a higher region. Always pack extra tissue paper in case if you get a cold and runny nose.

There might not be a chance of bathing every day. So, wet wipes are an alternative for wiping your body with the help of wipes.

Lip Balm

While hiking in a higher altitude your lips may get chap easily. Make sure to buy lip balm with SPF which protects your lips from sun rays. 


Carrying toiletries in a higher region will help you a lot. Biodegradable shampoos, face wash, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. are those things that you can carry.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is the only way to remove bacteria from your hand when you are on the trekking trails.