Gathering, Celebration, and Blessings on the upcoming festival

Gathering, Celebration, and Blessings on the upcoming festival

Celebration, Gathering when we think about it amazing smile comes on our face. Some kind of happiness generate in our heart and we will be happy that will be reflected on our face. No matter what we don’t miss any gathering or celebration, even if it is a small festival or any occasion we don’t hesitate to through a party.

In the past time, we have to wait for festivals to celebrate but now big events or festivals are celebrated and small events too. Whenever we celebrate do gatherings does not matter because only blessing will be gained in some events only. Gathering and celebration is an amazing thing but when you get a blessing too then that will be cherry on the top.

Small events or any kind of gathering don’t involve any kind of blessings events; only the festivals include blessings in it. Elder bless their youngers and celebrate the festival with a lot of happiness. Similarly, there are few festival in Nepal which are celebrated to get a blessing from their elder ones.

Some upcoming festivals which include gathering, celebration, and blessings too



Dashain is an opportunity of great pleasure for all the people which is celebrated between September and October in the month of Aswin in the Nepali date and on the English date. People indulge in rejoicing and feasting. They clean their homes, put on fresh clothes, and taste different kinds of delicious food. For all schools, universities, and offices, there is a public holiday at this festival.

It marks as the Durga goddess’s win over the Mahisasur Demon. It means Good’s win over evil.

For a fortnight, the festival is noted. Navaratri is called for the first nine days. These days, the goddess Durga is being worshiped. People in their homes worship the picture of the goddess. They also visit the gods and goddesses temple. They sacrifice birds and animals in front of the picture of the Nawadurga goddess.

Vijayadashami regarded as the auspicious opportunity among all these factors. People embark on new businesses on this day and begin their journey. It’s an opportunity for peace and goodwill.



Second biggest festival where on a different day different things are worshipped and celebrate. Mainly this festival is to respect animals who help us and also blessing brothers for their hard work and blessings.

This festival is also celebrated in a different culture but the first three days will be the same for all culture and last two are different. In the last two days of Tihar normally people workship Ox and get blessings.

But especially in Newar culture on the 4th day, they worship themselves. Because there is a tale about it; where the motto of the tale is the whole day the family member work on the field and earn food and on this day they harvest the crops; so the body will be painful due to which mother will worship them and feed them delicious food.

And finally on the last day, every Nepalese celebrate on the daytime by worshiping brothers by feeding healthy; delicious food where the celebration will be the same but it will be celebrated in Nighttime in Newar culture.

Additional information

Not only this but there are many festivals where you can get blessings and of course gathering and celebrations. But these two are mainly the biggest one and most celebrated worldwide by the Nepalese people.