Everest Base Camp Trek – To Trek in a Group or Solo?

The dream come true you can reach the topmost point of the world. Everyone’s dream to climb almighty Mt. Everest will come true with Mountain Treks Nepal. Either you have experienced climber or you haven’t doesn’t matter if you are capable and do have faith in yourself then by hard work and training you can take Everest Base Camp Trek.

There are many climbers who are not mountain climbers but also they want to climb mountains and there are many success stories too. So no matter who you are hard work and well training can make everything possible.

Most of the time we heard about minimum size is 2 and the maximum is 12. What does this means do you know? It means either you do solo trek or group trek according to the condition we will take you. Is it a big question or difficult question to find out which one is better to group or solo.

All people are not the same, everyone is different and they do have different capacity. Sometimes solo trekking can be perfect and success than a group but sometimes vice versa. If we do have a positive fact then we also have some negative facts about it.

Group Everest Base Camp Trek

Have to face different difficulty level to reach on the top of Mt. Everest. And if you do have the group then one can help others so that obstacles can be faced easily. Going on a group tour will give you entertainment and some knowledge too. Sometimes unknown problems can occur and you are alone then you cannot face it so the group is required.

During ascending Mt. Everest in a group then you can ascend easily bigger group bigger help; more people more helping hands. If you get stuck or sick then the group will help you to reach base camp and other. Group will help you when needed.

Solo Everest Base Camp Trek

Solo Everest Base Camp Trek means a trek to Mt. Everest and the total number of people will be two one is porter or guide and another one is you. Only two people will take part in this trek. When we heard about it we may think wow what a courage but have you thought further.

You can do a solo trek to Mt. Everest if you are highly skilled and experienced otherwise do not try to think about a solo tour to Mt. Everest. You never know what kind of problem can occur on the way and if you are doing solo trek then if one collapse or get sick then you may not get proper help.

Which one is better?

If you are highly experienced, qualified and also have climbed Mt. Everest many times then you can do a solo tour to Everest Base Camp in good weather. But if this is your first-time climb to Mt. Everest then do not try a solo trip.

Group trip is so difficult and hard to succeed in that situation you are doing solo then that will be the life-risking decision. Nobody suggests you go alone in new places likewise beginners are not suggested to take a solo trip to Mt. Everest.

You take a solo trip and if you can’t succeed or your porter/guide hurt or you are hurt then what will happen. There will be a rescue team or other trekkers too who are climbing, they will rescue your life but that won’t be worth. If you complete it by yourself that will be amazing.

Try not to take a solo trip to Everest if you are new for Mt. Everest. Otherwise, you may risk your life and can’t fulfill our dream.

When you should take this Everest Base Camp Trek

Throughout the year, you can trek any time. Any time will be perfect if the weather favors you. Some trekkers are taking this tour during winter season too but Spring and Autumn will be the best season for this.

During this time you can get the best views and fewer obstacles. Nobody knows when you have to face obstacles during your trip to Everest but if you trek during good weather there will be fewer obstacles; also you can enjoy your trip during these weather.