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Best Time To Visit Nepal

Most of the trekking agencies and other travelers say that Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Nepal since, it has stable temperature, clear skies, and Temperature. From the top of any hills, you can observe an awesome view of mountains. Nepal is the best destination to travel around the world.

Main Seasons

Winter is not so comfortable time to travel Nepal. It is the perfect time for observing clear skies but you will get less chance to observe the Himalayas. Temperature in mountain region is so cold and due to snowfalls roads may be blocked. At higher elevation, you will feel a bit cold due to height. Trek on foothills is amazing and so are the National Parks of Nepal.

Spring is also the best time to visit Nepal. During this time, a suitable climb steadily and the weather tends to be more stable. Trails are more crowded, however, amazing views can be observed. In case there might be a hazy sky. This season offers you to celebrate festivals in Nepal which includes Holi and New Year.

Summer is monsoon season and temperature is so hot. Skies are full of clouds and might be difficult to trek due to rainfall. You can observe rainbow in the sky while trekking. You can also observe Yarthung Horse Festival in Mustang in June which is very interesting.

Autumn is the popular trekking season in Nepal. Due to stable temperature and weather skies trend to be clear. Mountain views from the top of the trails, green forests, rivers, lakes and amazing view of Hills can be observed clear during this season. This is the best time to visit Nepal. Alongside, you can also celebrate the biggest festivals of Nepali “Dashain and Tihar”.

Weather in Nepal by Season

Before knowing about the weather condition in Nepal, despite being small country 800 km / 500 miles east to west and 150 km / 100 miles north to south, as much as England and half that of Oregon) has a wide and different elevation from the world’s highest mountain to subtropical forests.

That means there are different types of climates in different region according to seasons. For instance, 30 Celsius / 90 Fahrenheit is the minimum temperature in the south of Nepal while different mountain areas like Everest Base Camp and its surrounding areas are below freezing.

Winter in Nepal

Winter in Nepal is very cold and extremely hard to explore the mountains. Due to the freezing temperatures, it is difficult to trek. But skies are clear, amazing mountain view, waterfalls, and over 8000 meters the Giant Mountains makes this season amazing. Usually, people choose short and easy trek during this season.

Where to go in winter

The high mountain areas in Nepal include many high pass crossings that are extremely cold during winter. But below the height, 5,000 meters is comfortable to trek. The temperature in this area is cold at night but during day time temperature remains comfortable and easy to walk. Many of the short treks are done during the winter season because you can see clear skies and stunning views of Himalayas. During this season, you can have a short trek near Pokhara or south of Everest near the Solu area. National parks like Bardiya and Chitwan National Parks are the best trek to explore wildlife during winter.

Summer in Nepal

Summer is the not a perfect time to see beauty of Himalayas, clear skies and wildlife. During this time less travelers travels to visit. Due to much more heavy rainfall you will not be able to trek easily. Trek routes will be blocked by landslide, falling snow and glaciers so that it can be risky for trekkers. Weather can  change  at anytime and difficult to do trekking during this season. Also, leeches can distract you.

Where to go in Summer

Upper Mustang, Nar Phu, Upper Dolpo, and Limi Valley are the best and easy to visit during Summer. During this time High areas like Everest Base Camp are also good. Likely, the Himalayan region is good to stay due to a hot and humid climate but if you can stay stand with heat then they welcome with wildflowers, lush jungle, and the possibility of tiger sightings.

Autumn in Nepal

Autumn is the best time to visit Nepal. During this season you can visit different areas of Nepal. It is an awesome time to explore Nepal fully.  During the Autumn season, cultural reasons, as there are lots of festivals, nature has vibrant colors makes the trip more awesome. So Trails are overcrowded and most of the Hotels and Tea Houses are packed before.

Where to go in Autumn

During the winter season, skies tend to be more crisp, giving autumn a slight edge over spring.  However, you can visit any places in Nepal. Similarly, outdoor activities like Bunge Jumping, Mountain Flight, Cycling, Paragliding, Boating, and so on. After getting all advantage larger crowded place gets upset. Though, you enjoy your trip more comfortably and take unforgettable experiences in your life. This is the best time to visit Nepal.

Spring in Nepal

Spring is the one and only the best time to visit Nepal. During this season most of the tourists explore Nepal and its beauties. Due to the favourable climate, it is the best season among all. The trekking trails are full of tourists to see the amazing scene of Himalayas, rivers, waterfalls, rhododendron forests. Many trekking pass are cross by many trekkers.

Where to go in Spring

In Spring, higher mountains can be done with an amazing view. Many tourists prefer this trek during this season due to the awesome and gorgeous mountains. High passes like Larkya La (on the Manaslu Circuit Trek), Kongma La (Three Passes Trek), Thorung La (Annapurna Circuit Trek) and trek to the high viewpoints of Nepal such as Kala Pattar and Gokyo Ri in the Everest region is the best time to visit and cross.

Conclusion: What is the Best Season to Visit Nepal?

As described above, there are no answers regarding the best season in Nepal. Every season tourists visit Nepal to explore and observe the beauties of Nepal. While there is some truth regarding the season. Especially, Autumn and Spring are the best two seasons as Winter and Summer have some disadvantages. So most tourists visit Autumn and Spring every year and make a lot of unforgettable movements in the land of Nepal.

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