Mardi Himal Trek

Best time to do Mardi Himal Trek

Autumn and Spring are the best time to do Mardi Himal Trek.
In the Annapurna Conservation area, Mardi Himal Trek is one of the best and attractive new trekking routes. This trekking path formally opened in 2012 however it attracted the eye of various hiking lovers inside a brief time.

The key factors square measure that it’s relatively shorter than alternative Annapurna trekking routes and everybody can encounter selection from wooded areas to the Rocky Mountains inside the short track. Mardi Trek offers you to Mardi Himal Base Camp.

Mt. Mardi is found directly below the spectacular Mount slow down, called Machhapuchhre, and also the best time to trek Mardi Himal is around the time of year and Spring.

Mardi Himal Treks offers you the amazing glacial valleys and Annapurna’s hidden scenery with the scene of Mt. Annapurna I (8090m), Annapurna South (7219m), Machhapuchhre-Fishtail (6993m), Hiuchuli (6444m), Baraha Shikhar (7647m), Gangapurna (7575m) and Mardi Himal (5553m), and so on.

The rest of the attractions are walking through the rhododendron forests, enjoying the typical lifestyle of the locals, mesmerizing view of Himalayas, breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset, and so on. There are no guesthouses for hanging with friends and other local peoples at Mardi Himal Base Camp. After walking from High Camp to Mardi Himal Base Camp, you’ll return to High Camp for spending your time on the lap of the mountain.

Instead, you take a walk down to Sidhing and Lumre, where you can begin trekking. After that, you’ll return to Pokhara, followed by Kathmandu.

When is the best time to trek Mardi Himal?

Basically, there are four seasons in Nepal. Among them, Autumn and Springs are the main two seasons for having trek in Mardi Himal.

Autumn Season

For the sake of the best time to do the Mardi Himal trek, autumn is considered an awesome season to explore. Autumn consists of three different months September, October, and November. It’s one of the very best trekking seasons in Asian countries.

Autumn is that the post-monsoon season, thanks to the summer rain, that makes the Annapurna region encompassing. Therefore, the visibility of the mountain ranges and also the region’s scenic beauty appear unbelievable.
During this season you’ll be able to not expect rain, apart from early September. Therefore, trails to the Mardi Himal throughout the time of year season might not be rainy and muddy that makes it the best time to do Mardi Himal Trek.

Since the Annapurna region’s weather and temperature square measure sensible, you are doing not need to bring on tons of heat garments. A minimum quantity of garments would be enough.

Spring Season

Spring is that the best time to do Mardi Himal Trek. It happens in March, April, and May. varied plants grow throughout spring, and flowers like bush bloom. it is the time of year once the natural scheme is inexperienced and new.

As you trek to the Mardi Himal this month, you may smell the fragrance of varied flowers. throughout this season the sweetness of intractable flora and fauna reaches its full height. it is the pre-monsoon time therefore throughout this season, the skies area unit sometimes clear which might give you a much better read of the mountains.

The Annapurna region’s daytime temperature might vary from 17-20 degrees throughout the spring season. The temperature within the dark can vary from 0- five degrees.

Summer Season

In Nepal, the mid year season happens in June, July, and August. They are the most sultry months in the Annapurna Region. This season can likewise be known as the period of the rainstorm since it rains practically day by day.

The way to the Mardi Himal is ordinarily sloppy and dangerous, because of the storm season. Because of the wet and tricky way you may need to confront a few troubles getting to the Mardi Himal Base Camp.

While the path get sloppy, the Annapurna area’s regular excellence looks fabulous after the tempest. You can get some noteworthy perspectives on the mountain ranges.

The Annapurna Region’s climate and temperature shift from 10 degrees-23 degrees during the daytime during the season.

It is very appropriate to journeying. Around evening time, the spot temperature can fluctuate from 10-15 degrees.

By the by, the storm downpour is the lone test that you need to confront. It’s one reason individuals don’t regularly journey to Mardi Himal during the season.

Winter Season

In Nepal, the colder time of year season happens in December, January, and February. This colder time of year season isn’t the best and ideal opportunity for the Mardi Himal journey on the grounds that the majority of the path while in transit to the Mardi Himal can be covered with a day off.

During this season the encompassing region is getting dry and cold. Regardless of this, most guests would prefer not to winter journey to the Mardi Himal. In any case, the area’s grand excellence and the Annapurna district’s snow-shrouded mountains look fantastic.

In the colder time of year season, the Annapurna district’s climate and temperature become crisp. The district’s normal daytime temperature changes in Winter from 9-12°C.