Everest Helicopter Tour

Benefits of Heli tour in Nepal

Heli tour in Nepal sounds exciting don’t you think? It is the most exciting thrilling adventure which gives you a different view of the same place. The Arial view is so amazing to view and within a few hours, you can explore all the places at once. You can get many advantages of the Heli tour in Nepal.

Since you are here in Nepal then you probably want to explore the Himalayas and some remote areas but you do have less time or not able to walk for long. So why to worry Heli tour is for you.

I am so busy person and I want my vacation memorable but I only get a few days vacation. Can I explore Everest?

Of course, you can. If you do have a day free time and you are in Nepal then you can explore Everest Base Camp. It will take a few hours to explore and without any doubt, you will enjoy every moment.

I am a physically challenged person but I love to visit places. Since I am here in Nepal I want to go to the religious place Muktinath. Can I reach there?

Don’t worry your wishes can be fulfilled easily. Take a Heli tour to Muktinath temple and enjoy the journey.

Benefits of Heli Tour in Nepal

Everyone loves to travel to different places and get more exciting things in their life. But sometimes we can’t because of our health condition, few day’s holidays, and many more. So we have to cancel our tour and miss all the things which we want to do. Sometimes we regret those moments. But now we do have helicopter tours arranged for you so that you won’t regret or miss any trips because of health and a few day holidays. Here are some benefits of heli tour:

Saves Energy and Time

Heli tour is designed in a way that saves both of your energy and time. You don’t have to hike for hours and put a lot of energy into it. Just a few hours of the trip with a thrilling adventure with a scenic flight. The journey itself is amazing. You can view every place in the sky.

Various Packages

Like you get different packages during hiking and trekking you can also get different packages for this Heli tour. Normally we at Mountain Treks Nepal offer four types of packages for Nepal heli tour.

Medication Facilities

You will get medical facilities or not we can’t say while other trek but in this heli tour you will surely get the medical facilities if necessary. Because in helicopter tours there will be medicine for any kind of emergency.

No age bar

You are the 80s and you want to reach Everest then hiking tends to impossible and you rarely get permission. But there is no restriction of age and disease in case of heli tour.

Heli tour is just like other tour but this is one of the best tours which can be memorable and also for everyone who loves to travel.